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The following content is activated by activating index_alt file:

  1. gurupurnima (activating sage bubble message changes)
  2. tapovan jayanti (replacing tapovan maharaj instead of sage)
  3. shivaratri (replacing shivji instead of saint)
  4. makarsankranti (replacing eagle with hanumanji with kite)


The following content is activated by simply adding the post ids in the post id field below:

  1. republic content post id: 325
  2. Holi content post id: 356
  3. Ramnavami Content post id : 371
  4. Janmashtami post id: 411
  5. Ganesh Chaturthi post id: 418
  6. Navratri post id: 435
  7. Geeta Jayanti post id: 530
  8. Hanuman Jayanti post id: 621