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Dear Parents

Help us build a better future!
"Power, strength, shakti are the 'in' words in today's hi-stress environment. Huge amounts of money, time and attention are being spent on cultivation of physical strength, shakti and energy. But no one seems to be paying any attention to 'inner strength', that is so important when it comes to achievements of any kind - be it physical or mental.


For instance, no matter how physically fit you may be, you need perseverance, conviction and focus to come first in a 100-metre race. Or for that matter, just to even to participate in the race. Inner or mental strength is integral to the development of mankind - no matter how old or young you may be. It is for this very purpose of cultivation of mental ability, perseverance and focus that Chinmaya Kids came into being.


It is the first-of-its-kind Indian site that offers mental, spiritual and emotional growth. Chinmaya means knowledge. Chinmaya Kids aims to subtly but firmly ingrain in the child the importance of values, morals and good living, thus turning them into kids of knowledge.


The need for value-based education is reflected time and again in the various surveys conducted by numerous publications and research agencies. The Education Times, Mumbai's portal of learning too, recently carried an article stating the same.